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The installation of floor type clothes rack

Jan 17, 2017

of the top installation: on the balcony, on the top of the need to install steel measure the diameter of the lamp on the top of the balcony, and then in the light of 15 cm on both sides - make a installation mark between 30 cm (length is determined according to the balcony). To measure marks and the balcony edge distance, according to the distance to determine the width of the installation. Centered on lamp length measurement of the balcony, Shared 80 cm100cm according to put the length on both sides of the lamp, and there are four intersection measurement distance and width, the four intersection is top hangers installation location. Position determine, using electric drill hole, after drilling the hole by expansion screws fixed first four top cities (such as the length more than regular size, the distance do corresponding adjustment).

Note: rely on this two top wave Angle is end. The other two top red bridge is fixed, the difference is that the activity is two wheels, activity must be installed in the front.