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Acrylic Display Production Process

Jun 05, 2017

Acrylic almost always appears in every aspect of life and can produce almost any product in life. In the acrylic display frame production process, Acrylic Display the material can be screen printing, laser engraving, flame polishing, plate printing, thermal bending blister, and so on, these characteristics through the general traditional industrial injection molding is very difficult to achieve. Because the toughness of the plate and the degree of acid resistance compared to the endurance plate and market new pet laminate, Acrylic Display in contrast is very easy to break and crack, such as impact and cold bending effect. Therefore, we should be familiar with its attribute features in order to make it easier to use. Acrylic display stand for a variety of products have brought excellent display value, which is more and more enterprises in various fields of application. In the life is everywhere the acrylic display frame's figure, but its application scope includes the cosmetics display, the jewelry display, Acrylic Display the digital product display, the handset display, the upscale wine class display, the high-end watch display and so on. So acrylic display rack in the selection of what principles we should remember?

The most important thing is the choice of material, only choose the right, to consider the next choice. In the present market, the production of the display materials mainly include acrylic plate, environmental-friendly wood, special Fire Board, Crystal board and so on. And compare them, Acrylic Display will find in these materials are widely used in acrylic board, environmentally-friendly wood.

2. To integrate the visual system of corporate culture. The choice and the enterprise culture Vision system unifies the color, causes the acrylic display frame to be able effectively with the enterprise culture form unifies, integrates the enterprise Vision system.

3. The structure of the display frame, according to the needs of customers to design shapes for selection. To know the choice more in line with the design of the plate, Acrylic Display can effectively save the plate, to avoid tasteless waste, whether for the environment or for the guests are a responsible corporate behavior.

In order to be able to further purchase high-quality display products, first of all, you can touch the acrylic display frame, you can use this sense to determine the quality of the preliminary situation. Good acrylic display frame surface area of the smooth round, feel good and will not have a fingerprint scraping phenomenon.

Second, in the purchase is the need to pay attention to the transparency of acrylic display frame, because a lot of small factories in order to maximize profits in material selection will use recycled materials, this kind of recycling material made of the plate will be moldy, yellowing phenomenon from the appearance is very easy to see, and the texture is very crisp, good acrylic is a very strong light transmittance, Acrylic Display the use of raw materials must also be environmentally friendly pollution-free raw materials. For the product is mainly from the appearance to differentiate.

Finally, acrylic display shelf stability and capacity must be considered, good acrylic display will be in the standard range of arbitrary placement of items will not appear distorted distortion problem, at the same time the display frame used plate uniformity, and thickness are consistent, can participate in the standard acrylic display frame thickness comparison. And good acrylic display frame color is also very unified, the integrity of very good!