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Acrylic Display Visual Effects Are Very Attractive

May 10, 2017

Acrylic display stand with personalized custom, rich colors, crystal translucent and delicate and flawless material can play a very good visual effect. It is this visual effect is very attractive, you can make our promotional display more smoothly, transparent and colorful with a good Acrylic Display display of goods, but also a good brand image.
Display stand with a unique appearance and brand logo is also a good publicity company brand culture, expand visibility. Can make people very good to distinguish their own brand, Acrylic Display this is very important for marketing. Only a clear brand recognition, Acrylic Display in order to have a higher user loyalty and stickiness.
What are the categories of acrylic display:
1, acrylic cosmetics rack, cosmetics stores, shopping malls for cosmetics display and display;
2, acrylic jewelry display stand, Acrylic Display jewelry store, gold shop for jewelry display and display;
3, acrylic watch display stand, watch stores, shopping malls for the display and display of watches;
4, acrylic mobile phone display stand, mobile phone store for mobile phone display and display;
5, acrylic alcohol and tobacco display stand for the display and sale of cigarettes drinks.
The above display stand is only a few types of acrylic display stand, of course, the type of acrylic display rack is far more than that, how many types of products with the number of matching acrylic display frame in order to be able to further purchase to the quality of display products, First of all, you can touch the acrylic display through the feel, you can use this sense to determine the quality of the initial situation. Good acrylic display rack surface area rounded round and smooth, feel good and will not have the phenomenon of fingerprint scratches.
Second, in the purchase is the need to pay attention to the acrylic display of the translucent, because a lot of small factories in order to maximize the profits in the selection will use recycled materials, this recycled material will be made of moldy, yellow phenomenon from the appearance Is easy to see, and the texture is also very brittle, good acrylic is a very strong light transmission, the use of raw materials must also be environmentally friendly non-polluting quality raw materials. For the product in terms of mainly from the appearance to distinguish.
Finally, the stability and weight of the acrylic display must be considered, a good acrylic display rack will be placed in the standard range of arbitrary items will not appear distortion mark distortion problem, while the display stand by the uniformity of the board, and thickness are consistent , Can participate in the standard acrylic display shelf thickness for comparison. And good acrylic display shelf color is also very uniform, the whole is very good!