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Acrylic Display What Kind Of Advantage

May 10, 2017

With the Acrylic display rack more and more people's favorite, Acrylic Display and now the acrylic display rack function is more, different types of products are different, such as cosmetics exhibition, jewelry exhibition, glasses exhibition, electronic exhibition, tobacco and alcohol exhibition, etc. The So what is the advantage of the Acrylic Showcase?
1, the main material of the acrylic display frame is acrylic, in the design we can be incorporated into the exhibition culture, so the use of the process not only has a good display effect, Acrylic Display easy to clean, and also improve the overall image of the enterprise, from To the role of publicity.
2, due to acrylic display aesthetics, Acrylic Display and can be a good product to improve the grade. Reasonable use of acrylic display, not only to show the appearance of the product features, but also reflects the excellent quality of the product, so that customers do not like the visual effects, thereby enhancing the product quality and promote product sales.
3, although the acrylic has a glassy transparency, but its weight is only half of ordinary glass, in the handling or moving is very convenient.
4, through the professional design of the acrylic display can be consistent with the corporate culture connotation, more effective display of product brand image. Acrylic Display As the exhibition is based on product design, you can better highlight the characteristics and characteristics of the product. In addition, you can also make products classified display, so that consumers can browse the process at a glance, easy to buy.
Acrylic (plexiglass) products as a novel advertising image carrier, because of high transparency, plasticity, giving a unique visual sensory effect, is widely used in terminal promotions, gifts, gifts and so on. Shenzhen days music display supplies Co., Ltd. with its own mold equipment and design and processing experience, the production of glass products used in the product display, advertising display,
Acrylic display of the production process:
Paste method:
First, the acrylic display stand cut into a certain shape, paste on the plane made. Whether it is on the cutting or paste have a higher technical requirements. This is the first one.
Hot pressing:
The second need to first design according to the design of hot stamping die, multi-purpose wood, oil and plastic molding, and then cast lead, gypsum material for yin and yang mold. After the acrylic plate is heated, it is hot-pressed in the mold. How the product depends on the extent of the mold is good or bad, good mold pressed out of the finished product fullness, smooth curves, three-dimensional sense of the characteristics of a relief effect.
Hot simmer:
The third kind of acrylic display to be heated, directly by hand quickly nest, kneading molding. This method requires the experience of the foot, the action of the old master to complete. From the molding machine, made by hand, the product is relatively simple and rough, and more for the display of ornaments on the shelf production.
Mosaic method:
The last one is based on the design, the use of laser cutting machine will be different colors of the plate acrylic display frame cut into the required geometry, in the floor mosaic stitching. This method is easy to transport, customers can self-assembly.