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Carts Ideas

May 15, 2017

First of all, many small network Carts companies in China are now pursuing short development, frequency, fast, all a lot of good program thinking is very Carts difficult to really do very perfect, later will appear a lot of bugs, modifications, and then modified, a good program design, first is to determine the mentality, and then programming, today I bring you a piece of normal coding habits.

Shopping cart Mentality:

1. Determine if the user is logged in, Carts if the user logs in using DB storage merchandise (i.e., the way to store the merchandise in the shopping cart), if the user is not logged in (i.e., the way to use cookies to store the merchandise in the cart, and use encryption)

2. When the user clicks on the purchase Carts button, it is possible to buy a single product, and it is possible to buy a combination package. The parameters that are transmitted by clicking the button are either the ID of the product or the ID number of the combo package, with the quantity of merchandise.

3. For Dan Pin, the first to determine Carts whether the merchandise is in the promotional time, so the first to determine whether the ID is promotional products, update commodity prices, and then determine whether or not a limited discount, update commodity prices again, and finally check Carts inventory is not empty, the number of purchases is greater than inventory. For some virtual products, such as f code, pre-sale products are best not to join in the shopping cart (because these are either can be shipped directly, or it takes a while to issue, the proposal for such products to buy directly, prohibit joining the shopping cart).

4. For the combo package, it is necessary Carts to determine whether the merchandise is in the portfolio, in the judgement of the combination of each item in the package is in stock, calculate the total price of the combo package, add the shopping cart when the combo package only one merchandise in the shopping cart, the combination package ID in the meantime, convenient after the shopping cart page to the combination Carts package of other merchandise query out.

Many users will use "Shopping cart" to "collect" interested merchandise, the reason to do so, I think the main reason is two words "simplified"

On the one hand is simplifying thinking, if not sure to buy the goods immediately, users do not want to do extra thinking, in the end is a collection or join the shopping cart better;

On the one hand is simplified operation, "Add Shopping cart" button is generally very prominent, the user is very intuitive to click on, and "collection" button is relatively vague, different electric platform location may be different;

Although in actual use, the boundaries of the two functions are blurred, but in the product design logic, two functions still have a relatively large difference:

1. The difference between user purchasing intentions: Add shopping cart products generally have a stronger desire to buy, and immediately or in the near future to prepare a single, and the collection of commodities generally only have a good favor, or as alternative commodities, in the short term there is no clear desire to buy, the main point is the user's psychological differences;

2. The function of the main unit of the different: Carts shopping cart is a single service, so the main unit is "minimum granularity of orders", the relevant functional points will be designed according to the order dimension, such as merchandise will be classified according to shops, coupons, Carts full reduction and other information will also be displayed in accordance with the order dimension; The main Carts unit is the "smallest size commodity", and the relevant function points are naturally designed according to the Carts commodity dimension, such as looking for similar goods, price reduction notices, by category/ Collection time, such as different dimensions of screening division;

3. Functional positioning and interaction logic Carts differ: Shopping cart merchandise except can be deleted manually, after the order will automatically disappear, and the collection of merchandise unless manually deleted, otherwise will persist. This kind of interaction logic also manifests the Carts difference of its function localization, the shopping cart is as a necessary link in the main process of the shopping, and the merchandise collection, like the shop attention and other functions, is only used to serve the shopping main process of a branch function;

Shopping cart is an essential function of the electronic business platform, while the merchandise collection is not, the reason at the top of the 3rd also has a simple explanation, that some considerations, to decide not to do "merchandise collection/attention" function?

1. The quantity of goods sold: the more the number of SKU items sold by platforms, the more likely the collection needs exist;

2. The type of Electronic business platform: With the "strict selection of NetEase" This platform-type electrical quotient, "Taobao" This third-party settled electric operators more need to collect functions;

3. Commodity repurchase situation: if the sale Carts of the main standard consumption of goods, such as beverage products, such as fast extinction, relatively high rate of repurchase, that provide the function of the significance of the collection of merchandise is relatively large;