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Clothing Rack Advantage

Jul 24, 2017

Modern lifestyle, making drying racks more and more popular, Clothing Rack although the type of drying racks are very many, but its brand effectiveness. Internet clothes racks can be seen everywhere ten brands, Clothing Rack but for the hanger brand, it is difficult to compare, after all, racks than the development of brand hanger more advantages.

1. Clothes rack industry can build their own stores, Clothing Rack but the hanger industry at least ten years will almost no hanger store. A drying racks are basically several hundred dollars, one thousand yuan, two thousand dollars are normal, but the hanger it? A hanger a few cents, expensive a few dollars, Clothing Rack from which it is easy to see the difference between the two profits. If you build a hanger store, Clothing Rack a month's profit may not be enough store rent, utilities.

 2. The reasons for the consumption concept. Drying racks can be used as a kind of furniture, from the consumer's shopping point of view, as long as their favorite or strong, Clothing Rack high prices do not matter, and modern high-end decoration, will certainly use high-grade brand racks. But for the hanger, most people will not for a small hanger to waste energy, some consumers think that racks can be used on the line, Clothing Rack there is no need to buy too good, there is no need to buy brand hanger, this concept occupied More than 70% of the consumer market.

3. From the point of view of after-sales service, Clothing Rack brand racks if there is a problem, you can repair, basically bear the cost of maintenance. However, the brand is not the same hanger, if the hanger problems, it is not a repair, and is basically a direct replacement. It is not difficult to see from here, Clothing Rack drying racks and hangers different, so that some of the differences in aftermarket.

Hanger in our country has a long history, can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty, Clothing Rack but then the hanger is a kind of furniture, Clothing Rack from the volume and weight of modern hangers several times or even several times. That is to say that the ancient hanger and the modern hanger is different, Clothing Rack the ancient hanger is more historic. In general, the hanger is a cultural and cultural atmosphere.

China's hanger invention is a reflection of the progress of life, Clothing Rack for the placement of clothes attaches great importance to specifically with a hanging clothes shelves to place. China's hanger development has gone through a few very important historical stage, Clothing Rack from the Zhou Dynasty shelves, the spring and autumn of the wood, the Song Dynasty wooden pier racks, Ming Dynasty carved coat racks to the Qing Dynasty toward the shelves, have experienced a long evolution , Continue to move forward.