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Clothing Rack Can Achieve

Jun 05, 2017

Clothing Rack In modern home life, electric drying racks are not less than the necessities of life, imagine, you after washing clothes, hanging clothes after the electric drying racks, and then put the drying racks to ascend, this looks like we do not have to put the clothes to hang on the drying racks.Clothing Rack Lifting racks According to the transmission mode can be divided into manual and electric two kinds, how to judge the quality of a drying hanger?

The quality of electric drying racks mainly look at the hand-cranked device, it is like the engine of the car, the heart of the human body. The hand-cranked device is the core of the drying racks, its quality directly related to the function of the drying racks can be achieved and product life.

First, hand-cranked device:

1, patented anti-pulley structure of the hand-cranked device, the maximum load capacity than the ordinary hand-cranked directly increase 1 time times, Clothing Rack  labor-saving 50%.

2, a new type of anti-card device, Clothing Rack Ratchet Pawl patented technology, hand-cranked life directly twice times, effectively prevent steel wire job hopping, card dead.

II. Drying Rod:

The use of aluminum-magnesium alloy material, handsome in appearance, bearing capacity, uniform load up to 180 kg, more durable.


The industry's first launch of the use of dissatisfaction, unconditional refund commitment, is also the industry's brand of manned racks.

Four, after sale:

Repair a compensation of 20 yuan, have the strength to dare to promise.

Pay attention to purchase eight steps to lift racks to buy the introduction

Buy clothes racks usually mainly look at seven places: drying rod thickness, drying rod material, drying rod surface, wire rope, pulley, hand, expansion screw.

Look at the drying rod thickness: buy and lift racks are not the thicker the better, but moderate. Too thick pole, shaking up too heavy, not suitable for lifting. Pole to

Moderate thickness, 1.0 to 1.2mm thickness is more suitable.

Look at the drying rod material: At present, there are stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, silicon magnesium titanium alloy, consumers to distinguish the material, one is to pay attention to the business description

Information, the choice of reputable merchants, the second is the direct force of the two ends of the lever, aluminum alloy will often bend, can not be restored, titanium alloy will not.

Look at the surface of the rod: the surface treatment of the drying rod mainly includes polishing treatment, electroplating treatment, spray treatment and electrophoresis treatment. Clothing Rack Electrophoretic processing technology is the most complex,

The surface of the rod is very bright and the grade is the best. Polishing processing is the simplest, belongs to low-end products, this rod surface looks very bright, close to the primary colors of aluminum alloy

, but no surface oxidation treatment, long time, the rod surface will be blackened.

Look at the wire rope: A look at the weight, Clothing Rack two see flexibility. The thicker the wire rope the softer the better, the identification method is to fold the wire rope, let go and see if you can restore

See pulley: Pulley has common metal, even iron, copper, the use of pure copper composite pulley products better quality.

Look at the hand-cranked device: The hand-dryer is the core components, very critical, the purchase should be directly rotating the hand-cranked, see whether smooth, Clothing Rack the sound will not be too


See Expansion screws: expansion screws are often ignored by consumers, this actually determines whether the product is well installed, the installation is solid.