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Clothing Rack Industry Development

Aug 09, 2017

1. The same specifications of the Hanger 10 for a group, both ends with a thick rubber ring to stay fixed, Clothing Rack storage can be. If there is not too much space, Clothing Rack you can use a fixed set of hangers to prop up the big clothes, need to use the time to pick up a single hanger.

2. You can nail a nail in the corner of the balcony, hang a hanger, Clothing Rack and then hang the other hangers on the first hanger. And so on, can hang multi-layer, to receive more racks.

3. Find a large square cardboard box, diagonal position glued to a piece of paper, the carton into two triangles. Find two pieces of cardboard folded into three prismatic shapes, Clothing Rack or find two of mineral water bottles, glued to the middle of the triangle. Then put the hanger into three prisms or a mineral water bottle. This store racks are neat and need to be used when good to take.

Drying racks are one of the most characteristic products in China,Clothing Rack which have been used in ancient times. Since 1995, the Chinese mainland from Taiwan began to introduce hand-pulled stainless steel pipe racks products, which marks the beginning of the development of China's modern drying racks industry.

At present, drying racks have become a household product, Clothing Rack divided into hand-cranked, electric, outdoor (floating), four types of floor-type. In recent years, drying racks products have undergone earth-shaking changes, drying racks are no longer just an ornament, Clothing Rack but also a functional product. At present, the "function" of drying racks has been generally recognized by consumers, has formed a "balcony home appliances industry."

Electric drying racks have captured the concept of people's consumption to brand, high-grade, simple development opportunities, product set wireless remote control, Clothing Rack integrated lighting, fast drying, intelligent drying, light sterilization, Bluetooth music, air purification and other functions in one, to meet the personalized needs of consumers, will become the future development trend

Floor racks cover a small area, easy to move and fold, the price is not high, Clothing Rack and usually with other types of drying racks collocation.

The production and use of drying racks are concentrated in Asia, Clothing Rack where many countries in Africa cannot afford drying racks, while most developed countries in Europe use dryers. As a guide for the entire Asian region, China has a huge market for the development of the clothes bar.

With the rapid development of China's real estate market, home decoration jewelry is also constantly upgrading. A drying rack is a typical representative. China's commercial housing sales of more than 10 million sets of each year, in addition to the second-hand house transactions also have nearly tens of thousands of sets, Clothing Rack drying racks are the future of each family must be configured.

After years of development, China's drying racks industry has formed a certain scale, the development of faster. The industry has a certain capacity of the manufacturers about more than 150, Clothing Rack production gathered mainly in Guangdong, Jiang-hu-Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan and several regions.

China racks sales value of 8 billion yuan, of which the domestic market scale of about 5 billion yuan. China Racks Association statistics show that the current prevalence of China's drying racks in about 40%, Clothing Rack the future development of a huge space, is expected to 2020, the size of the domestic market will reach 30 billion yuan.

At present, China's drying racks production enterprises divided into three echelon. The first echelon is a good wife, no matter from the brand, technology, channel vendors are called the market leader; the second echelon includes the airing, the Hope, nine Shepherd, Oriental, Love fine, Clothing Rack and so on, these enterprises immediately thereafter, will be the first ECHELON enterprises as a development goal; the third echelon for the market a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, Clothing Rack such enterprises from the competitiveness, word-of-mouth, technology, scale and other aspects of the enterprise and the first two echelon of a large gap.