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Clothing Rack Process Of Electroplating

May 15, 2017

Many people are very fond of using Clothing Rack electroplating hangers, and then we introduce the precautions when the hanger plating is:

First of all, in the process of Clothing Rack electroplating, water quality is very important, it is best to make pure water hangers, quality is the best. Second, before the coat hanger plating, must remove the coat hanger dirt, if handled badly, the coat hanger after electroplating, the Clothing Rack surface is not smooth, will have fine particles, thus affect the aesthetics. Thirdly, the process of Wenzhou coat-hanger plating light Generally cannot use concentrated nitric acid, will affect the bonding degree of the coating, but also to minimize the stay in the air in the time, lest the coat hanger surface with the air for long time contact, this prone to oxidation.

In the domestic many racks of drying brands, Clothing Rack how to choose a suitable for your brand to join? It is very important for dealers. Drying racks are introduced below three points for reference:

One, drying racks manufacturers to produce Clothing Rack the capacity of how? See whether the brand of quality system standards certification, to investigate whether it is really done by quality system standards to production, to find opportunities to communicate with the company Clothing Rack understanding, can understand the company's management level of the brand. Visit the production workshop, see the scale of production lines, is it better than the other clothes hanger brands? See if the shop product is arranged neatly? How is the warehouse management level? These factors are all you want to know before joining the clothes hanger brand.

Second, how to understand the operating capacity of the clothes hanger brand? The operation of the brand should have a sound mechanism, whether the spokesperson, whether in CCTV has ads, store publicity materials are complete, in the national holidays (for example, New Year's Day, Spring Festival, 51, 11), there is no unified nationwide planning promotional activities? These can reflect the brand operation is perfect and mature.

Third, the identification of brand-drying Racks Certificate Awards authenticity. The general Clothes Hanger Brand official website has many certificate awards, such as: "China brand", "most popular brand", "Quality Management certificate" and so on. But the authenticity of these certificate awards, for the franchisee, is to understand clearly, this is related to a business integrity problem. Also can search in Baidu "racks Top Ten brands", look at those racks brands ranked, can also understand that these racks brands, for franchisees also play a reference value.

If you want to soak the clothes hanger is very simple, in fact, generally as long as the bubble in 84 aqueous solution, over half an hour can be, this is basically everyone can easily do, or can use 84 to try, but the concentration will be larger. In addition, if the hanger is all metal, can be put on the fire to bake or steaming in the pot can also play the role of disinfection, or it can be directly placed in the sun for a long time also has a good disinfection effect.