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Clothing Rack Show

Aug 01, 2017

Hooks believe that needless to say, we all know what is the use of it Almost every household has a hanger, Clothing Rack the hanger can be said that each family is not and lack of part. But today the hanger manufacturers to say is not used to dry clothes hanger, but the mall used to show clothes hanger.

  In the mall, almost all the clothes pants are shown with hanger. With a hanger to show clothes have a certain three-dimensional, and will not take up too many places. And clothes will not fold, allowing users to visually feel the color of clothes, design, texture and so on. Clothing Rack Hanger manufacturers hanger strictly speaking, regardless of home or shopping malls, but the mall with the quality of the hanger must be better, Clothing Rack or a poor hanger will affect people on a good look at the basic evaluation of clothes.

   Plastic hanger manufacturers produce all kinds of high-grade, mid-range plastic racks, Wenzhou racks, trousers and display props and so on. Have a first-class design and a large number of models, Clothing Rack suits, casual wear, women's clothing, leather goods, Clothing Rack children's wear, etc., each has a matching products will be suitable for you.

First, first of all to avoid the floor racks to bear the heavier clothing. When the hanger to bear the heavier clothing, it is likely to be deformed or broken. Hanger itself is not high capacity, Clothing Rack can only bear the weight of general clothing, if too heavy, Clothing Rack then it can not support, Clothing Rack it is easy to lead to damage to the hanger, it can no longer continue to use. And if it is damaged when the clothes are hung, Clothing Rack it is easy to scratch clothes, damage to clothes, so the consequences are more serious.

Second, try to avoid wear to the hanger's skin. Clothing Rack The hanger's skin is generally softer, it is easy to wear, and when it is worn, it will affect the hanger of the gloss and beautiful, Clothing Rack but also easy to rust. And when it is worn or even rust, if you still continue to use clothes to dry, it is easy to make the hanger on the rusty clothes up to damage the clothes.

Third, try to avoid contact with the hanger and moisture. As the hanger itself encountered water is very vulnerable to its corrosion and softening, it is easy to leave bacteria,Clothing Rack  so for your health, to try to avoid the hanger and moisture contact. Usually use the hanger to dry clothes, Clothing Rack but also try to dry the water, in addition to easy to corrupt the hanger itself, Clothing Rack if too much water, clothes too heavy, but also easily lead to deformation and broken hanger.

 Recently, one of the most popular friends in the use of rotating hanger is like. According to the dealer's sales staff, this storage method is to use hanging method to hang clothes, hanging clothes is three times the traditional wardrobe, the entire cabinet of clothing can be rotated 360 degrees, Clothing Rack access is extremely convenient, and hanging clothes The more the more smooth rotation, Clothing Rack underwear racks, tie planes, activities, Clothing Rack such as pull the basket and other fine components, Clothing Rack but also better to sort the clothes to solve the traditional wardrobe clothing difficult, hanging clothes difficult to find clothing and other issues. Clothing Rack From mini to medium, large and other different specifications, can meet the different length of space. Whether it is a new wardrobe or the transformation of the old closet, are extremely easy to install.