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Clothing Rack Technical Content

Jul 11, 2017

Lifting clothes racks is now more than just a simple drying clothes, Clothing Rack and more carrying people to beautify our balcony, embellishment of our new home function, because of its technical content is not high, the industry threshold is not high, in recent years, Clothing Rack all drying racks brand Such as mushrooming out, Clothing Rack let us in the purchase of drying racks and ultimately spend some time.

1 election inside the excellent quality of the clothes rack brand. Clothing Rack Hand, pulley components, wire, these three are the focus, hand is the key. In fact, Clothing Rack dry rod is almost no bad. The current quality of the best OK hand, Dr., the super durable, 堪称 model.

2 drying racks installed. We may be surprised that the problem of drying racks in fact half of the time is due to the installation is not standardized. The installation of the specification will extend the life of the product. On the contrary, hasty installation, will cause poor use, Clothing Rack causing maintenance. The current installation fee is about 30 yuan, if let me choose, I would rather spend 60 yuan, so that the professional point of responsibility to install people. Installation is a key link! I have deep experience. Wide, the Buddha region, Clothing Rack strongly recommended home Dr., the installation level first class. Clothing Rack Although they seem to only charge 30 yuan.

And then stressed: standardized installation is very important, please choose a skilled and responsible installation staff. Hand drying racks easy to overlook the details of the installation: drying racks installed, Clothing Rack pay attention to the handle of the line all the exit, re-tight, this will help smooth operation, and avoid the card line. (Skill: hand pull the wire, make it tight, and then shake), do not underestimate this, Clothing Rack the handpiece has 30% of the fault caused by the card line.

3. First note: the first dry rods down (if found dry rod does not fall, do not continue to shake, Clothing Rack you can try to hang clothes to load), hang clothes, repeated up and down about 20 times, after running, Smooth.

The role of the hanger is to hang clothes. Clothing Rack Is China's earlier popular furniture. In ancient times, the hanger is made of wood, Clothing Rack but the material of this year's Wenzhou hanger has long been ever changed. Let's take a look at the details of several categories of Wenzhou hangers.

The first is a wooden rack, Clothing Rack which is produced at a dry humidity of 18 ° C and is dried after the production is finished. Clothing Rack The use of wood to make clothesets to close to the natural sense of warm and elegant sense of the general cost and the material itself is not polluted. But it is easier to water easy to crack the hangers easily damp moldy.

The second is a plastic hanger, Clothing Rack which is now the latest and most popular material. The quality of the hanger made of plastic is easy to carry, and the processing is not easy to say that the cost is not high can produce different colors of the hanger, Clothing Rack but in the production and recycling process is easy to produce pollution of the environment of the material Hanging clothes weight is limited, beyond the scope of deformation or even broken. The third for the cloth hanger, fashion cute can also protect the shoulder is not deformed,Clothing Rack  is the use of a narrow range of clothes can not use a little big, and racks can not be dirty after cleaning. And in the maintenance of so many types of hangers on the Wenzhou racks to do is one of the best possible to buy can promise to have after the sale of drying racks to ensure that high-quality products and improve the warranty and maintenance system; the second to extend the drying rack The use of life to ensure regular maintenance, Clothing Rack to ensure that the lift is very smooth, friction greatly reduced, with the pulley between the degree of wear greatly reduced, Can greatly extend the life of the drying rack; its four use of oil is best lubricants, sewing machine oil, do not use food oil or solid butter.