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Food Display Showcase A Language Of The Product

May 15, 2017

Each kind of showcase, can express its Food Display Showcase representative products of a language, food display cabinets to people to convey the language, no less than the marketing strategy to product publicity, showcase is the most direct product information to convey to consumers the first Food Display Showcase procedure. Showcase to do beautiful products, always one eye can be found, the desire to buy people is just a few minutes or even a few seconds decided, miss this prime time, the purchase will gradually fade out consciousness. Food Display Showcase Choose a good food showcase, in the first 1 seconds, let customers discover your product, then can have Food Display Showcase the opportunity to let the salesman and the customer to reach a deal. Food Showcase to do the following, it is good to convey food information to consumers.

1, food display cabinets need to foil the safety of food

2, food display cabinets need to be strong perspective, Food Display Showcase can display the full range of food, both beautiful and durable.

3, food display cabinets need to do the exhibition area to divide clear, let the food display orderly, let the customer choice at a glance.

4, food display cabinets need to be stable lighting, low Food Display Showcase fever, save electricity and reduce the damage to food exposure.

5, food display cabinet spray paint needs environmental protection, smooth hardness enough to keep the display cabinet brand new degrees, to ensure the effect of the exhibits

If the display cabinet itself is a material with glass, Food Display Showcase long-distance transportation can easily be broken, this to showcase transportation caused certain difficulties, and slightly careless, there will be more problems.

Showcase in the transport process of the main problems are: showcase deformation, damage to the corners, broken glass, wire breakage and so on! If you want to prevent the above Food Display Showcase situation, avoid the loss, it is worth a lot of attention to do this work.

First, for some customers are very focused on quality, Food Display Showcase details, very cautious trading, hung titanium as far as possible to let customers door-to-door delivery. This is also the most direct way of trading, so that customers to the quality of Hong Ti recognized a way.

Before shipment, the factory will check once again, Food Display Showcase notify the customer to the door, check the acceptance display cabinet, in shipment. Of course, if the non-man-made damage, our maintenance after-sales is also available.

Second, in Foshan, Guangzhou nearby customers, Food Display Showcase can please special car door-to-door. This way is only suitable for showcase customization and showcase production factories, distance is not very far from the situation to choose. Of course, hung titanium will also be based on the number of Food Display Showcase showcase, free door-to-door installation.

Third, logistics, is the domestic customers receive the display cabinet a choice, is also the probability of damage slightly greater than the previous two, but also the most used in showcase industry transportation method.