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Food Display Showcase Orderly

Jul 24, 2017

First of all, Food Display Showcase when placed in the food should be placed in parallel, if it is different classification, then you can take a vertical display. When the goods are displayed, Food Display Showcase the classification and classification should be clear between the vertical lines, goods and commodities should be neatly between the chicken and chicken in a line, pigs and pigs, Food Display Showcase cattle and cattle, etc., the other based on such push, should Share clearly, so easy to manage, to facilitate the customer shopping. If the display cabinet has two layers, we can put some small amount of cooked food placed in the upper, Food Display Showcase multi-component can be placed in the lower.

And then all the food should follow the principle of first-in first-out first, and generally we can divide the food into hot and non-hot food two categories. Food Display Showcase Followed by a small category of hot food is divided into baked, fried, halogen, fried, steamed class; non-hot food cold dishes; bread is divided into bread, Chinese and Western points, West Point, cake, pastry. Display should be sorted by large classification, Food Display Showcase small class, Food Display Showcase the same kind of single product display in a region, and marked clearly.

Pay attention to comply with the principle of first-in first-out, put the old goods on the front of the row, the new goods on the inside, and placed neat and orderly. Food Display Showcase At the same time we can also according to the characteristics of cooked food and seasonal changes, so that the display of goods also have some changes, the normal sales of good goods, should be given to increase the display surface, increase sales.

For promotional items, newsletter display should be increased, Food Display Showcase a sense of volume, location obvious. Special, seasonal display of goods should also increase, such as Ching Ming Festival roast suckling pig, Dragon Boat Festival dumplings, moon cakes and so on, Food Display Showcase other goods should be based on the size of the sales to determine the display area.

It is recommended that some of the operators of cooked food stores can use the above described several ways to properly put the food display in the food issue, Food Display Showcase I believe that these methods can also effectively help you improve the food Sales

When buying ice cream, the three elements to be considered into: the display cabinet working environment temperature, display cabinets. High-end machine configurations (such as compressors, motors, Food Display Showcase condensers, etc.) ensure that the machine is durable. Ambient temperature is also an important factor if the store is located at a higher ambient temperature. To choose high temperature display cabinets.

Showcase is used to save the display of ice cream, such as Italian ice cream, Food Display Showcase its storage temperature is between -16 ~ -18 degrees, then we must choose a display cabinet to meet the requirements while maintaining the taste of ice cream.

The display cabinet should allow the customer to clearly see the ice cream stored inside. At the same time ice cream display cabinet to be beautiful and new, Food Display Showcase it is necessary to showcase the design requirements. The size of the display cabinet depends on the area of the store, while considering the harmony with the surrounding food.

Display cabinets need a long time operation, Food Display Showcase energy efficiency has become one of the factors that affect the display cabinet.