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Food Display Showcase Parallel Display

Jun 05, 2017

Food Display Showcase First, they should be placed in parallel when the food is placed, if it is different classification can be taken vertically to display. The display of goods, classification and classification should be vertical lines between clear, Food Display Showcase goods and commodities should be equal and tidy, chicken and chicken in a line, pigs and pigs, cattle and cattle, and so on, the other basis of this analogy, should be clearly divided, so easy to manage, convenient for customers to shop. If the showcase has two floors, we can place some small portions of cooked food in the upper layer, and the multi-component can be placed on the lower floor.

Then there is the meat display cabinet all the food should follow the advanced first out of the principle of the problem, and generally we can divide food into hot food and non hot food two categories. Second, according to the small classification of hot food is divided into grilled, fried, halogen, fried, steamed class, Food Display Showcase non-hot cold food category; bread is divided into bread, Western pastry, pastry, cakes and pastries. The display must be classified according to the large category, the small category, Food Display Showcase the similar one product displays in an area, and is marked clearly.

Pay attention to comply with the advanced first out of the principle, the garage on the front end of the line, the new products placed in the inside, and placed in a neat and orderly. At the same time, we can also according to the characteristics of cooked food products and seasonal changes, so that the display of goods also occur a certain change, normal sales of good merchandise, Food Display Showcase should be given to increase the display surface, improve sales.

For promotional items, the news of the display should be increased, Food Display Showcase a sense of quantity, location. particularity, seasonal commodity display also to increase, Food Display Showcase such as the Qingming Festival roast suckling pig, Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi, mid-autumn moon cakes and so on, other goods must be based on the size of sales to determine the display area.

So the meat display cabinet freezer suggested that some operating deli owners can use the methods described above to carry out the proper display of food in the deli showcase, I believe these methods can also help you improve the sales of food.