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Food Display Showcase The Request

Jun 19, 2017

Many people do not understand the kitchen food inside the requirements, it seems that everything wants to put here, like a storage box, Food Display Showcase I do not know this approach is extremely wrong, different food its characteristics are different, So there are a lot of food once into the freezer, then it will accelerate its aging, the rational use of freezer is very important.

So then how to use a reasonable freezer has become the most people care about the problem. Freezer temperature is generally about minus 18 ℃, at this temperature, Food Display Showcase the general bacteria will be killed or inhibit its reproduction, so in which the food stored with a better preservation effect. But the freezing is not understood to be able to completely kill the bacteria, still some low-temperature survival of the bacteria can survive the strong frost resistance. So another point of view, if the cabinet is not often cleaned and disinfected, Food Display Showcase it will become some of the bacteria's comfortable foothold.

In addition, the food in the cupboard can also put too much, so that the temperature will make the food outside the low temperature and high internal temperature caused by deterioration. Such as cheap to buy a supermarket to buy one get one get one out of bread, big bags of steamed bread, and can not eat, you can subpackage, and then freeze up, do not worry about expired.

In the frozen conditions is never long mold. Take out with a microwave oven, soft and fresh as ever! Frozen heating time rather short, the final temperature of heating can be room temperature. And it is best to freeze with packaging. Because it is heated to room temperature, do not be afraid of plastic bags decomposition of toxic substances such as the issue. It is the same when rice bread is taken out from the cabinet. Food Display Showcase Buy fresh peas, peeling peas rice, do not wash, directly into the food bag, do not pretend too much too much, sealed good seal, directly into the frozen will be able to. Eat out when you do not need to freeze, wash directly to the water can be cooked. This method of processing so that the water in the vegetables quickly form a regular and small ice crystals, Food Display Showcase evenly spread in the cell, the vegetable tissue will not be destroyed, while the internal chemical process of vegetables and can not be carried out, so fungi and mold Can not survive.

And then all the food should follow the principle of first-in first-out first, and generally we can divide the food into hot and non-hot food two categories. Followed by a small category of hot food is divided into baked, fried, halogen, fried, steamed class; non-hot food cold dishes; bread is divided into bread, Chinese and Western points, West Point, cake, pastry. Display should be sorted by large classification, small class, Food Display Showcase the same kind of single product display in a region, and marked clearly.

Pay attention to comply with the principle of first-in first-out, put the old goods on the front of the row, the new goods on the inside, and placed neat and orderly. Food Display Showcase At the same time we can also according to the characteristics of cooked food and seasonal changes, so that the display of goods also have some changes, the normal sales of good goods, should be given to increase the display surface, increase sales.

For promotional items, newsletter display should be increased, a sense of volume, location obvious. Special, seasonal display of goods should also increase, Food Display Showcase such as Ching Ming Festival roast suckling pig, Dragon Boat Festival dumplings, moon cakes and so on, other goods should be based on the size of the sales to determine the display area.