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Food Display Showcase To Warm Mainly

May 10, 2017

Food Showcase generally use high density board paint, paint more than warm mainly, according to product style, with iron modeling frame and other materials.
Professional production of various Zhangui, we will be based on customer requirements, tailored, from the site size, design drawings, approval of the construction to the completion of acceptance, Food Display Showcase to provide one-stop service    Main business: shopping malls showcase production, store showcase production, jewelry showcase, cosmetics showcase, jewelry showcase, clothing showcase, small household appliances showcase, mobile showcase, shoe cabinet, children's cabinets, cabinets, car cushions showcase, wine showcase, home service Showcase, Food Display Showcase tea showcase, bedding Showcase, handicrafts showcase, underwear showcase, Food Display Showcase food showcase and other showcase production.
   Business: Anhui, Anqing, Bengbu, Bozhou, Chaohu, Chizhou, Chuzhou, Fuyang, Hefei, Huaibei, Huainan, Huangshan, Lu'an, Ma On Shan, Suzhou, Tongling, Wuhu, Xuancheng.
The delivery of display cabinets is a very important part of the whole transaction.
If the display cabinet itself is a material with glass, long-distance transport may be easy to break, which caused the transport of the show caused some difficulties, and a little careless, there will be more problems.
Showcase in the transport process of the main problems are: showcase deformation, corner position damage, glass damage, wire break and so on! If you want to prevent the above situation, to avoid losses, it is worth a lot of effort to do this work First, for some customers are very focused on quality, details, very cautious transactions, Hong Titanium are trying to allow customers to pick up the door. Food Display Showcase This is also the most direct way of trading, so that customers recognize the quality of Hong Titanium in a way.
Before shipment, the factory will first check again, and then notify the customer door, check the acceptance, in the shipment. Of course, if the damage is not human, we are also after the maintenance of the sale.
Second, in Foshan, Guangzhou, near the customer, please contact the door delivery. This method is only suitable for showcase custom side and showcase production plant, the distance is not very far to choose the case. Of course, Hong Titanium will also be based on the number of showcase, free door-to-door installation.
Third, the logistics, is the domestic customers receive a choice of display cabinets, but also the probability of damage slightly larger than the previous two ways, but also showcase industry, the most used transport methods.
Each kind of showcase, can express its representative product of a language, as far as the marketing strategy of product promotion, showcase is the most direct product information to the consumer's first A procedure. Show the showcase to do the beautiful products, always one can be found, people desire to buy is just a few minutes or even a few seconds to decide, miss this golden time, the purchase will gradually fade out of consciousness. Choose a good food showcase, in the first 1 second time, so that customers find your product, then have the opportunity to allow salespeople and customers to reach a deal. Food Showcase do the following points, will be able to very good food information to convey to consumers.
1, food display cabinets need to contrast the safety of food
2, food display cabinets need to be highly visible, can show food in all directions, both beautiful and durable.
3, food display cabinets need to do a clear display area, so that food display placed in order, so that customers choose at a glance.
4, food display cabinets need light stability, low heat, save electricity and reduce damage to food exposure.
5, food display cabinet paint needs environmental protection, smooth hardness enough, in order to maintain the brand new cabinet, to ensure that the effect of exhibits