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Supermarket Shelving Easy Installation

Jul 11, 2017

The main components of the supermarket shelves are as follows: from the column, floor, laminates, Supermarket Shelving backplane, roof, bracket, foot, Supermarket Shelving guardrail, baffle, price bar and other components. Different models of different components, the back can be the central backplane, back net, Supermarket Shelving orifice. Washing rack also with light boxes, lamps, billboards and so on.

Supermarket shelves beautifully designed, easy to install, Supermarket Shelving durable, suitable for supermarkets, stores, shops and other display products. General load within 200KG per layer. Supermarket Shelving In the supermarket stores, the shelves accounted for the vast majority of supermarkets, supermarket shelves how to put it is particularly important.

In the election of the supermarket shelves to choose their own store atmosphere similar to the shelf, Supermarket Shelving not too high, or too short, the general height of 1.8 meters to 2.2 meters. Supermarket shelves layer spacing can not be too high, too high for the lower products, will greatly waste the shelf resources.

In general, the entrance of the mall placed some daily necessities, Supermarket Shelving such as shampoo, paper towels and other commonly used things. Supermarket Shelving Export to put some small pieces of goods, eat the goods. Like soy sauce and other commonly used things to be placed in the more easy to find the place.

When placed by the type of separation, fresh, vegetables, a class area, clothing area, home appliances and so on. Precious things to use fine showcase display, such as cosmetics, you can put on the beautiful display shelf. Display cabinets open lights, Supermarket Shelving and glass is translucent, this can highlight the product brand image.

From the online shopping data, the third quarter of this year, China's online shopping market has reached more than 2000 billion, Supermarket Shelving compared to the traditional retail industry is seemingly lackluster. Earlier this year, China's retail industry has emerged around the development of various types of crisis. Supermarket Shelving To the supplier to collect high channel fees caused by pushing up prices, as well as product quality problems, to the entire industry to bring unprecedented pressure. Supermarkets profit margins are declining, operating expenses accounted for the rise in retail business operating margins fell, which affected the supermarket industry, Supermarket Shelving and thus affect the sales of supermarket shelves. Supermarket Shelving According to the survey, with the online shopping to join the competition, may change the current pattern of China's retail industry. Survey shows that China's top 5% of the top 100 enterprises have launched online shopping platform and run well, nearly half of the enterprises have to carry out online shopping but faced with difficult situation, Supermarket Shelving 10% of the enterprises still said that online shopping on the sidelines.