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Supermarket Shelving Main Composition

Jul 01, 2017

The main components of the supermarket shelves are as follows: from the column, floor, Supermarket Shelving laminates, backplane, roof, bracket, foot, Supermarket Shelving guardrail, baffle, price bar and other components. Different models of different components, the back can be the central backplane, back net, orifice. Washing rack also with light boxes, lamps, billboards and so on.

As the temperature rises, the consumption of summer supplies will warm up, drink, sunscreen, sunscreen, mosquito nets, mosquito coils, mats, liners and other goods become popular commodity markets. Supermarket promotions are rich and colorful, some preferential policies, and even reached 50%. The industry said that this summer supplies consumption earlier than usual. Summer is the peak of consumption of drinks, fruit juice drinks, Supermarket Shelving tea drinks, milk drinks ... ... a variety of drinks wearing colorful coat, packed with supermarket shelves before. Although various brands of drinks are increased, but from the supermarket to open the summer feast, beverage sales accounted for an important position. Since entering in May to promote the increase in strength, Supermarket Shelving bottled product sales have seen significant growth. Whether the new version of the summer goods, or a variety of brands to participate in promotional items, sales unpopular.

A lot of pictures we can see after that is not what they want, the so-called supermarket shelves placed in fact more of the show is a renderings of things,Supermarket Shelving so at this point still need to understand, really in When you choose, you should see what is better. In fact, Supermarket Shelving the real picture effect is to help us to customize and select the shelf, so that when the actual use of the time to be not reasonable, Supermarket Shelving at this point still need attention.

We know the supermarket shelves when the picture is to need to explain in detail the basic situation of some shelves, good picture of their own is a good play a role, and now many people can explain in detail the advantages of some shelves, in the The specific choice of time or should see how to deal with is the best, we certainly hope that everyone in the choice of shelves when they can know the value of this shelf, Supermarket Shelving only after the use of an objective to evaluate.

Convenience store supermarket shelves how to layout the layout of the novice are more troublesome thing, the formal convenience store supermarket layout and decoration and equipment size is combined. First of all in the layout of this piece, you have to first locate the main business of what category, the general supermarket convenience store types of goods are alcoholic drinks and tobacco, beverages, non-staple food (biscuits, snacks, cooked food, food, tonic, etc.) Vegetables, fruit, seafood, Supermarket Shelving fresh meat products, soy products, flour products, cooked food Lu Cai, pickles kimchi, frozen food, etc.), grain and oil, condiments, daily necessities (washing day, knitwear, toilet paper, kitchen Sanitary ware, plastic products, stainless steel products, etc.), Supermarket Shelving style office supplies, Supermarket Shelving hardware small appliances, bedding, small commodities such as small jewelry.

Layout: the general small supermarket convenience store cash register set in the door on the left, if the structure and the reasons for the line can be located in the right side of the door, Supermarket Shelving valuables placed in the back of the cash register and next to the cashier opposite the door to place the beverage Display cabinets and yogurt display cabinets, small goods easy to be stolen and difficult to be found by customers, so small commodities are generally placed around the cashier, the front door to the main non-staple food, daily necessities placed to the back, the goods linked to the Together, easy to customers to buy, Supermarket Shelving if it is commercial street facade or dining and entertainment near the fast food-based convenience store daily necessities up to do 3-5 sections of the shelves can be, Supermarket Shelving the main channel at least 0.9-1.2 m , Supermarket Shelving Part of the area due to area and equipment size conflict can stay at least 0.6 meters, Nakajima shelf size selection 1.4 m -1.6 m can not be too high.