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Supermarket Shelving Selection And Design

Jun 19, 2017

High-level shelves generally put smaller brands, Supermarket Shelving regional brands of goods. Because small brand producers usually do not have too much budget to put their goods in a better position. These goods are generally selected by the local store manager, rather than by the supermarket headquarters decision-making board. If you have a small brand of trust, then let go buy it.

But there are some special brands or ethnic food, Supermarket Shelving will be placed on a higher shelf, and the price is not cheap, expect loyal customers no matter how to buy, so do not specifically consider the location of goods.

Middle shelves, that is, from the top down the second three-tier shelves, usually regarded as the central area, put the best-selling products and other major brands. Hot items are generally placed in the center of the shelves and in front of the level of the consumer line of sight.

In order to get this best position, manufacturers sometimes have to pay the supermarket. For the supermarket, the low-priced goods in this area is also unprofitable, Supermarket Shelving so basically you can see the higher price or profit of goods.

There are some medium brands in order to close to brand-name products dip light, their manufacturers are willing to pay the money here, and the price of these brands will be much lower. In addition, Supermarket Shelving in fact, in the central area below the shelves are usually able to find much lower prices similar products.

Children line of sight height area, generally put a child will like, but also enough of the product. If you do not leave the child at home and bring shopping, a shopping shop will spend an average of 10% to 40% of the money. If you do not spend money unrealistic, give them a lollipop, a balloon, a can of soft drinks, some fruit Ye Hao, at least let them be quiet and so you buy things.

The bottom of the shelf generally put the store own brand, Supermarket Shelving non-brand name, and large packaging products. Because of its own brand than the market leader in the same type of brand difference, the price is low, so loved by many consumers. In fact, many brand-name products and supermarket own-brand manufacturers are the same. Since consumers will always find ways to find these cheap brands, it is not necessary for them to arrange the location for them.

While the large package of goods is the supermarket and Sam Club (Sam's Club) and good city (Costco) such stores to compete and launched, on the ground because they are bulky, Supermarket Shelving elsewhere is not appropriate, shrewd consumers Naturally will not miss these prices of competitive goods, there are large boxes of cereals, large bottles of olive oil, large packaging toilet paper rolls and so on.

Supermarkets are basically in the use of incandescent lighting, because incandescent light will produce a familiar color, but not energy is not perfect place, so some experts suggest a new generation of light source LED lights. Although most of the supermarkets are currently replaced by LED lights fluorescent lamps, to increase the luminosity, improve the viewing and purchase speed to a better effect, but still can not produce natural or familiar with the color of the function, that is, the use of fluorescent powder mixture, And added red, Supermarket Shelving green, blue and other light agent to send a different light color. How is the light on the shelves of the supermarket choice and design?

LED light color diversity, that is, luxury cool LED lamp, it gives a cool feeling, and make all the colors to maintain the primary colors and near the primary colors; luxury warm LED tube, giving a warm feeling, like a fluorescent lamp, To enhance the color of the original, emphasizing the yellow orange shade, reduce the red light, warm LED lamp, produce a warm feeling, like the same light, keep the original light, Supermarket Shelving light blue, green light shade; cool white light tube, produce cool feeling, keep the original color, The color of the object, to strengthen the yellow light, reducing the role of red light and cold shade. The above two lamps should be used for sales area, if the fluorescent light in the weak, increase the effect of red incandescent light will be better.